You can watch this work on github (ok, go to github!)

Version 1.1.0

Added an option on/off css-file

  plugincss: true                               # plugin's css

Now you can disable the plugin's css in the settings.

Version 1.0.0

The plugin uses Yandex Maps API, read Terms of use.
If necessary, read the documentation.
You can get the API key here Developer's Dashboard.

The plugin adds in <head></head> JS script.
The second script, and inline JS adds in bottom part.

How to use

Add to the page (in the template or in the markdown content) block <div id="map"></div>
The map will be placed in the block #map.
You can set the Css for #map yourself, but by default:

/* yandex-map/css/yandex-map.css */

    width: 100%; 
    height: 400px

Plugin settings:

enabled: true
key:                                            # api key
coord: '59.931582, 30.360541'                   # Coordinates
zoom: '13'                                      # Map scale
lang: ru_RU                                     # Map language
mapiconcontent: 'some text'                     # Marker text
maphintcontent: 'some text'                     # Hover text
markertype: 'islands#lightBlueStretchyIcon'     # Appearance marker (color)
controls:                                       # Settings elements on the map
  traffic: trafficControl                       # on/off Traffic Control
  geolocation: geolocationControl               # on/off Geolocation Control
  zoomcontrol: zoomControl                      # on/off Zoom Control
  searchcontrol: searchControl                  # on/off Search Control
  typeselector: typeSelector                    # on/off Type Selector
  fullscreencontrol: fullscreenControl          # on/off Fullscreen Control
  routebuttoncontrol: routeButtonControl        # on/off Route Button Control

All settings are available in the admin panel.