This is a plugin For the currencies of the Bank of Russia, therefore it works with the currency "Ruble"

You can watch this work on github (ok, go to github!)

The plugin refers to
Collects all currency names, number, code, and values into an array

As a result, we get an array cbr() of this kind (in the example, only two currencies, for understanding):

array(34) {
    array(4) {
      ["NumCode"]=> string(3) "840"
      ["CharCode"]=> string(3) "USD"
      ["Name"]=> string(19) "Доллар США"
      ["Value"]=> string(7) "64,4711"
    array(4) {
      ["NumCode"]=> string(3) "978"
      ["CharCode"]=> string(3) "EUR"
      ["Name"]=> string(8) "Евро"
      ["Value"]=> string(7) "71,5307"

Each currency code is the name of its data array.
For an example:

So we get the name of the currency with the code USD:

{{ cbr()['USD']['Name']  }}

Thus we get the dollar against the ruble at the rate of the Central Bank :

{{ cbr()['USD']['Value']  }}

So this is how we show the name of the currency and the value:

{{ cbr()['USD']['Name']  }} = {{ cbr()['USD']['Value']  }}


Доллар США = 64,4711